#34: Beryl Solomon, Founder of Poplar

Introducing Beryl Solomon, founder of Poplar, an online shop hosting a range of CBD products designed for optimal wellness. Beryl created Poplar to help people navigate the new world - to make it simple and easy to take care of ourselves. When she couldn't find a trusted resource that provided easy to understand content and sold products that fit modern lifestyles she decided to build one. Poplar offers a curated assortment of the best products on the market, focused on high quality CBD, all carefully selected and independently tested. 

What do you consider your top 3 core values and how do they affect how you lead your business?

Values are so important. What you value is the core of who you are - professionally and personally (although these days there is not much of a distinction). For me, it is critical to surround myself with people who share my values. Note: That doesn’t mean people that look like me or talk like me. Values transcend race, religion, and geography.

For a while, “authenticity” has been a buzz word and "be an authentic brand” has been a catch phrase. Consequently and unfortunately, authenticity has lost some of it’s meaning (ironically). Values seems much more on point.

When I sat down to start Poplar (well what would be Poplar - we didn’t have a name yet), I really thought about not just what we wanted to sell, but the type of company we wanted to be… That list is now entitled Poplar Promises - mostly because of the alliteration… But it really outlines my values.

Below is a selection of three (there are a lot more) Poplar Promises - I think these in particular do a good job of summing up my core values.

We value deep breathing, honest connections, and human contact.

We believe in an open mind and a lot of research.

We carry a strict no asshole policy.

Can you share a time you either thought you failed, or actually did fail? How did you react and move past it, and what impact did it have on business decisions?

Failing sounds so heavy - true failure to me would be not properly equipping my children for adulthood or committing a crime… We (me included) are constantly pushing ourselves to succeed and consequently “failure” sits on the other end of the spectrum. But what really is failure? I think many of the things we think of as failure are more like mistakes or mis-steps. Or maybe I am naive - either way I am sticking with it. 🙂

So mistakes - I make a lot. I try to own them - recognize I was not right and move forward. The real problems arise when I make the same mistakes twice, or three times… In that case, if I am not self-aware enough to right the wrong, I rely on my support support system to call me out - my husband, my family, my friends.

What types of projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to seeing in the future?

Poplar is still in it’s infancy - I am calling Poplar my third child and we are now just out of the fourth trimester.

All that is to say we have so much more to come… When we launched in November, we knew we were pushing out an MVP - a minimum viable product. We wanted to get to market and then have our customers help shape the final version.

We just launched our fist original content series called WTF is Wellness. This new series aims to take consumers alongside me as I talk all things modern wellness with some of the most exciting and influential minds in the space. From CBD and cannabis to mind, body and lifestyle - we try to navigate this crazy world we live in one conversation at a time.
On the horizon we are working on pop ups, product collabs, and a special event series… So please come along for the journey.

Whether you're a CBD novice or a cannabis pro, Poplar offers you a curated assortment of the best legal cannabis products, all carefully selected and independently tested. In other words, today we sell across the US a selection of hemp-derived CBD products. Poplar is here to help lead the way through the crowded and complicated cannabis wellness landscape. #RedefineYourWellness