#51 Dini Klein, Founder of Prep and Rally

Dini Klein.jpg

Dini Klein is the founder of Prep and Rally, the meal prep system that's truly changing lives. Prep and Rally is a completely customizable meal prep service that provides its customers with unique, nourishing, and flavorful dinners all week long. As a working mom of two very active little girls, Klein understood the need for accessible meals that ensure dinner is on the table when the kids run through the door after school. Klein is also a chef and food media personality, who has worked with brands such as Walmart, Daisy, Popsugar, Weight Watchers, Pinterest, Mic.com, refinery29, and Feedfeed.

What do you consider your top 3 core values and how do they affect how you lead your business?

1. Be authentic.

2. Use my knowledge and expertise to serve others well.

3. Continue to create a community and camaraderie around getting through the week together! All of this together helps me not only have a successful and profitable business but it truly changes lives and is majorly impactful! 

Can you share a time you either thought you failed, or actually did fail? How did you react and move past it, and what impact did it have on business decisions?

Honestly I don't feel like I've failed completely yet...But something that I've learned about myself is that I am not the best proof reader and I tend to push publish too quickly before thoroughly editing. I've released some weekly PDF's with typos and some missing recipe directions which reflects pretty poorly on the brand as people pay me for this content. As my team grows slowly but surely I will have more eyeballs on every area of the business and be completely sure there are no mistakes. As of now it's kind of a one-woman show and I juggle a bit too much..It hurts my stomach when somebody points out an error but it's all about creating systems and delegating to ensure these mistakes never happen! Day by day my army is growing and it's very exciting. My meal prep plans will only become better, more personalized, and more polished!

What types of projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to seeing in the future?

As my subscription base grows and word spread about my meal prep subscription service called Prep and Rally I am beginning to work with more brands and feature products I truly love and am passionate about. We will be adding a grocery feature into the system in the coming months so with the click of a button you can order your weekly groceries to be even more efficient with your time. You can expect a cookbook in the coming year or two and hopefully a product line somewhere along the way as well. Stay tuned!