#55 Katie Buckman: Photographer & Founder of Evergreen & Aspen

Katie Buckman is a landscape photographer, mom, wife that uses photography and art as a way to share the moments she sees throughout her adventures. She also founded and runs Evergreen and Aspen, a print shop showcasing her favorite photographs. After leaving the comforts of home in Kansas City, Missouri, she began a 10-year journey of living in new places all over the U.S. and hiding behind her camera. After her daughter's birth in 2016, she began to devote more time to photography, and she started obsessively reading everything she could get her hands on. Katie currently calls the Pacific Northwest home with her handsome husband, gorgeous daughter and two adorable kitties.

What do you consider your top 3 core values and how do they affect how you lead your business?

Authenticity - Be yourself despite how uncomfortable or difficult it may be. I have always stuck out like a sore thumb - tall, mixed kid with long legs and lots to say. Can’t hide that! The right people will love you for being yourself. Your work will show it.

Perseverance - Sometimes the vision isn’t clear from the beginning. By sticking with it, even when things don’t seem to be going the right way, you will find an answer and will be stronger for it in the end.

Love - Love is what brought me back to photography. Love of my daughter and family, love of Nature and what it has to offer, Love of beautiful images. Love what you do and you never work a day in your life, they say. But above all, If you love your work, you will constantly strive to produce beautiful work for your customers and yourself.

Can you share a time you either thought you failed, or actually did fail? How did you react and move past it, and what impact did it have on business decisions?

I think everyday is a balance of trying not to fail. Anytime you are trying to balance the needs of multiple people, yourself, your business - you hope that by the time that your head hits the pillow, you have accomplished tasks that will propel you forward for the next day.

What types of projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to seeing in the future?

Out of 6,000 entries, I was awarded the privilege of having 3 of my pieces being chosen as winners along with 350 other amazing artists, for the minted.com X West Elm 6th Art Challenge. I am so honored to have my works on their website and look forward to what the new opportunity may bring.

I am currently learning watercolor and working on a series involving Flowers and plants, photography and watercolor. And as always, my camera is always with me photographing whatever I see and need to share.