#58 Domonique Rose: Founder of Domonique Rose Florals

Born and raised in Southern California, Domonique Rose is a self-taught florist with an education in apparel merchandising and marketing, which led her to a career in fashion event production, e-commerce management and operations for start-ups. In addition to experience with business operations, she has over 10 years of retail experience ranging from department stores, boutiques, pop ups, and trade shows. 

After years of grinding in the corporate world, Domonique needed a change and found her way back to her true passion. Since launching her floral business, she has designed for several weddings, events and clients including NBCUniversal, Stassi Schroeder, MAGIC Tradeshow's SWIMLessons, and MR Mag Awards in New York.

Domonique would describe her aesthetic as Boho meets English garden. No design is like the last and her goal is to create a new experience for her clients with every event, delivery, arrangement, and gift she creates.

What do you consider your top 3 core values and how do they affect how you lead your business?


I put so much thought and care into each design not only because I want the best possible result, but also because each piece is representative of who I am as a person and of my brand. I'm being trusted with bringing my client's vision to life and aim to exceed their expectations. I wear my heart on my sleeve and this translates through to my work.


I'm a firm believer that people buy into products because they connect with the person behind the brand. I know my designs are only as good as the relationships I cultivate as a businesswoman, mom, and friend. As I grow my business, I am making a point to connect with people in different industries and networks, planting seeds where I can. 


Education is the path to enlightenment and offering more to the world. From an early age I was taught that you can never stop learning because when you stop learning, what's the point?

Can you share a time you either thought you failed, or actually did fail? How did you react and move past it, and what impact did it have on business decisions?

On one of my first events I didn't account for labor costs (read: thought I could handle more than I could and realized I needed more help) and it ate into my margins. As I was first starting off, I felt uncomfortable asking for what I needed, but one of the biggest takeaways I've learned, especially since becoming a mom, is my time is valuable and in order to achieve the designs and aesthetic I want for my clients, I need the proper resources to get the job done. 

What types of projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to seeing in the future?

I just recently designed florals for Brittany Cartwright's (Vanderpump Rules) bridal shower. That was so fun, and I can't wait to see them on aTV once the episode airs!

I'm also working on designing capsule collections for consumers to order directly through my site. Florals have always created the perfect accent to any event or space. My goal is to make the flowers part of the experience, no matter how big or small the event or setting is. These collections make it easy to plug-and-play with your event, dinner, etc. All you'll have to do is select the color scheme, designs, and quantities you'd like, give us the delivery date, and we'll take care of it from there. Ideally, I'd like to launch within the next month or so and update the collections occasionally throughout the year. 

Lastly, I've had this itch to go brick and mortar. My vision is for the storefront to become more than just a flower shop. It will be a destination for locals and passersby alike to be intrigued to come in and, most importantly, come back for more. Quality products, in-store experiences, and a sense of community are the key ingredients to making this a success. I'm actively looking for the best location to make this a reality and am excited to bring this to fruition!